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Governing Board


MEETINGS 2018-2019

September 26, 2018
October 24
November 21
December 12
February 13, 2019
March 20
April 17
May 15
June 5

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Members 2018-2019

Parent Representatives

Staff Representatives

Rosemary Ghaly

Nadia Abdalla

Peter Karantabias

Richard Arsenault

Jimmy Korakakis

Marianne Boulet-Grenier

Oksana Korobeynikova

Cathy Bruno

Donna McCallum

Josée Côté

Sophie-Lyne Paré

Ginette Fougère

Kim Teolis

Sylvie Laucella

Brenda Tremellen

Tatjana Tomac

Antonietta Rampone 
to January 6, 2019
Carmela di Iorio


You can contact our Governing Board Chair with any questions or concerns at




Meeting Date


Principal's Report

February 20, 2019    
December 12, 2018    
November 21, 2018  
October 24, 2018  
September 26, 2018  







What is a Governing Board?

A school Governing Board is an administrative committee comprised of both staff and parent representatives. Its underlying mission is to help meet the needs of all students.

Governing Boards have been granted powers and functions via the Quebec Education Act.

The composition of the Governing Board includes at least four parent reps, at least four school staff reps (of whom half are teachers), one daycare staff representative, and two community representatives (optional).

All members are elected by their peers, except the community representatives, who are appointed by the Governing Board members. All members are entitled to make proposals and to vote, except the community representatives, who are not entitled to vote.

The principal takes part in Governing Board meetings but is not entitled to vote.


How are Governing Board members elected?

Before September 30 of each year, a General Assembly of Parents is held at the school. Those interested in becoming parent representatives will have submitted candidacy letters beforehand and are asked to address the Assembly. At the General Assembly, parents are called upon to elect parent representatives for both the Governing Board and Region Parents' Committee. 

Teachers, non-teaching professional staff, support staff, and daycare staff meet in turn to elect their representatives.

The chair of the Governing Board is chosen from among the parent representatives. The chair is elected by all members who are entitled to vote at the first Governing Board meeting. The chair's term of office is one year.

The Governing Board cannot be formed if the parents fail to elect the required number of representatives. The principal then exercises the powers of the Governing Board. If the other groups do not elect the required number of representatives, the Governing Board carries on with the representatives elected.

The parents' term of office is two years. The term of office of staff and community members is one year.


Responsibilities and Powers of the Governing Board

  • School Educational Project and Success Plan
  • Student Supervision Policy
  • Rules of Conduct and Safety Measures
  • School's Annual Budget
  • Community Services Use of School
  • Special Funding to Support School Activities
  • Pooling of Goods and Services
  • Implementing the Basic School Regulation
  • Local Programs of Study
  • Subject Time Allocation
  • Programming of Educational Activities
  • Implementing Student and Special Educational Services

The Governing Board is given very specific functions while the principal's powers are more comprehensive and deal with the quality of services, management of resources, etc.

The principal is the source of the proposals debated at Governing Board meetings; the Governing Board is not asked to develop content but rather to adopt or approve the proposals submitted by the principal. 



Mrs. Carmela di Iorio - Principal