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Parent Participation Organization



MEETINGS 2016-2017


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Our school parent volunteers have two focus areas: The first is as a forum (called the PPO) where parents can attend meetings to discuss issues of interest to the school community. The second is as a fundraising group that helps raise funds to be used in school projects that benefit students.

If you would like to receive minutes from meetings, event notices and calls when we need  volunteers, please send an email to the chair at

Remember to check this page for upcoming events as well as the monthly calendars.


Members 2015-2016

Stacy Baker

Donna McCallum

Alison Batty

Claudia Mink

Cynthia Bird

Susan Paul

Sonia Bossinakis

Marisa Petruzzo

Milena De Pasquale

Danica Robillard

Audra Jeffries

Stephanie Sievers

Cindy Jolly

Tara Upton

Sandra Leonardi

Christina White

Joanna Lucia

Rita Woldeghiorghis

Cindy Macaraig



Frequently Asked Questions


I see the term "PPO" in school documents. What does it mean?


Can anyone hold a fundraiser for any reason?


My child is having problems with a certain teacher. Can I ask the PPO to help?


I see the term "PPO" in school documents. What does it mean?

PPO stands for Parent Participation Organization. It's what we traditionally call our parent forum group. Its main purpose is to serve as a forum to promote the participation of parents in school life. For detailed info about the role of PPOs according to the Education Act, click here.


Can anyone hold a fundraiser for any reason?

No. Fundraisers must directly benefit the students. A specific need for funds must be identified BEFORE choosing to do a fundraiser. In other words, you cannot simply hold a fundraiser and then decide what to do with the funds afterwards. Every school fundraiser MUST be pre-approved by the school Governing Board.


My child is having problems with a certain teacher. Can I ask the PPO to help?

No. The parent forum is for discussing issues related to the entire school, not specific incidents or situations. Things like school projects and items that help foster students' academic success are what should be on the PPO agenda.

Ideas for PPO goals taken from Quebec Federation of Parents' Committees site include:

 Organizing conferences for parents
 Organizing theme days
 Starting a parent volunteer bank
 Doing fundraising with governing board approval
 Helping organize extracurricular activities, celebrations and other big events
 Developing projects for improving the school, e.g. schoolyard
 Developing community projects
 Writing a newsletter for parents
 Organizing Safety campaigns
 Decorating the school
 Staff appreciation week
 School photos
 Student accompaniment
 Having a welcome committee for kindergarten students
 Organizing a parent get together
 Surveys as part of the educational project
 Reward activities, etc.




Mrs. Antonietta Rampone - Principal