Principal's Message

Welcome to Terry Fox Elementary School

After a year and a half of reinventing the way we teach, we are gradually working our way back to both familiar and new modes of learning. Online learning has kept our children engaged with the curriculum as digital tools have facilitated engagement in ways that would not have been possible 10 years ago. Despite the strides all sectors of our society have taken to reduce our reliance on commuting, travel, and face to face exchanges of information and services, we have also learned some hard lessons about the importance of contact, proximity, and tangible interaction.

Pats on the back, high fives and hugs are just some of the things that come to mind when we reflect on the things we missed most. Let ’s not forget books, toys, play structures, libraries, gymnasiums and all of the things and places we will no longer take for granted. This year, we hope the schoolyard will be an open field where kids can enjoy the entire space with peers of all ages and cycles. Who would have thought playing freely could have been such a privilege?

There is a much greater privilege, however, when we consider the news that comes to us from other parts of the world. For most of us, let’s not take for granted how fortunate we are as a community where the simple challenges confronting us this past year, are the “worst ” of our concerns.

All of us are fortunate to be a part of this wonderful school community. Furthermore, I am very proud to be a member of a school team that prioritises a child’s progress in all domains. Reading, writing and arithmetic are important, but they are what we do while we are teaching the really important stuff; it ’s hard to be good at math when you don’t have a sense of self-worth and purpose; growth and achievement happen when children know they are loved, respected and most of all, safe. Be reassured that our team won’t take these things for granted.

I want to wish you all the best this new school year,

Douglas Stewart, Principal

August, 2021