Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Welcome to Terry Fox Elementary School

As a special education technician, teacher and administrator since 1990, I have learned a great deal about what makes a good school. From both research and personal experience, I have learned that one of the key variables predicting a child’s success in school is “expectations”; what we expect of a child is a powerful indicator of what will actually happen. From what I have learned about Terry Fox Elementary, our expectations are high. Furthermore, as in every successful school, expectations for the children in our care are not limited to a narrow field of learning. We expect our students to be…

  • protectors of the environment
  • respectful neighbours
  • risk takers
  • patient sons, daughter, brothers, sisters and grandchildren
  • team players
  • good turn takers
  • lovers of art, music, poetry and dance
  • understanding and supportive of our democratic institutions
  • respecters of laws
  • conscientious followers as much a visionary leaders
  • kind when they win and tolerant when lose
  • appreciative of the power of forgiveness
  • accepting of people’s differences
  • grateful, every day, no matter their circumstances
  • polite, saying “please” and “thank you”
  • responsible consumers and a generous producers
  • courageous in the face of fear
  • optimistic
  • kind, … to everyone

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are important, but they are what we do while we are teaching the really important stuff, because, it’s hard to be good at math when you are not happy. I am extremely confident that if you want your child to be prepared for work, family, relationships and self-respect, we will meet your expectations at Terry Fox Elementary.

Douglas Stewart, Principal



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