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Terry Fox Elementary is a Français Plus school.

In Kindergarten and Grade 1, 2, 3 and 4, 82% of the instruction is in French. Language Arts, Social Studies, Ethics and Religious Culture, Fine Arts and Mathematics are taught in French. English is the language of instruction for 18% of the week, and includes English Language Arts, Physical Education, media and/or music.

In Grades 5 to 6, English is the language of instruction for 57% of the week. English Language Arts, media, music, Mathematics and Physical Education are taught in English. French is the language of instruction for 43% of the week and includes French Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Fine Art. 

We empower our students to connect, thrive, succeed:  Own the Future
Our job is simple we equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to adapt and navigate the world as it changes
We believe  those who will thrive in the future are those who can create connections, those with the ability to put things together.  Our students connect theory and practice, people and places, collaboration and innovation, intention, and action.
We instil the desire to question, to analyze, and to explore.
We build the capacity:

  • to create, to build, and to implement
  • to connect ideas in ways that push them forward
  • to connecting skills in ways that drive lifetime development
  • to connects with people in ways that build understanding
  • to connect to places in ways that will make the world their own


Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission, vision, and values have been created in collaboration with our staff, parents, and students.  All central to our learning and practice. From our direction as a community, to our individual action, we use these to guide and ground us. 

Inspire Growth, Empower Individual Excellence, and Enrich Lives. 

To provide individualized learning pathways for students to flourish and positively impact others.

As a community we share common beliefs. In order to accomplish our mission, we embrace our shared set of values that unite us towards shared purpose, structure, and inspiration.

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School Hours

9:00 Entry
9:10 Classes begin
11:10 - 11:30 Recess
12:30 - 13:40 Lunch
15:40 Dismissal
15:50 Buses leave








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Our Culture

(Network – Relationships)

We believe collaboration is the key to successful teaching and learning. We want teachers and students who share that value, and strive to work together, to enrich our entire community with opportunities for unique learning experiences. We appreciate individual successes and welcome the new ideas people often bring with them. We believe in networks and always seek to build further successful relationships within our community and the global community.


We expect our staff and students to work hard, but also remain balanced, and we believe that being a well-rounded individual makes this more likely. Everyone in who is part of the Terry Fox community contributes beyond the classroom through sports, service, and other extra-curricular activities, modeling the traits of global citizens. We believe that in a learning community, social connections help to keep us balanced, and we encourage our staff, students and parents to reach out to others.


Above all we are very serious about learning at Terry Fox Elementary School. We believe we have a growth mindset as a community, and we want everyone who joins us to leave a more knowledgeable, principled, and balanced person. We strive for excellence, encouraging every staff member and student to achieve their individual potential.